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  • 2007.08.14 Tuesday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


Hayama Beach Party....

good morning, i somehow got a train and bus ticket so i'm heading to shikoku. it will take me all day but i'm in for the ride. i don't mind riding the train past mt. fuji and catching the bus over the longest bridge in the world. i'm going to take a couple of magazines, turn my phone off, and relax.... hope you have a relaxing day too....

anyway, other than the sweat running down my body from this heat, everything else is ok. i feel great, the next swells are working its way up japan, and i've been making so many new friends. the other night, my friend yoshi from osaka came to shonan. gosh, we had such a great time. he took me to this bar/restaurant right on the beach in hayama. i think it's called "Blue Moon". i felt like i was in bali, okinawa, and hawaii at the same time. the place was set up just like how those restaurants are set up right on the beach in jimbaran. it was jam packed....

these two girls were singing live and were awesome. one was singing, while the other was dancing hula. then the band in the background had that okinawa beat to it. the wind was blowing, the stars were out, the waves were breaking right up on the shore, and the atami fireworks show was going off in the distance. a great place to relax and relax is what i did....

here is our table right on the shoreline. yoshi is on the left with the red t-shirt. man, this guy makes me laugh all the time. he's such a fun guy to hang out with. he tells everybody that we're twins. classic.... next to him is okitsu-san. he's a shaper here in shonan and a really cool guy. next to him is bori-san and his wife tsuya-san. they are such a nice couple. wanted to thank them for letting me stay at their awesome house in tsujido. gosh, if i ever build a house in japan, it's going to look exactly like theirs. next is yoko-san. yoko-san is expecting a baby really soon. congratulations..... thanks to you all for such a fun night in shonan...

here is my twin brother....

after the live music, we went to the oden center in tsujido to eat more. some of this fish was swimming in the fish tank just a few minutes ago. so fresh....

if you ever want to see what a $4000 massage chair looks like, here it is. the best massage ever!! i sat on this chair at was out cold in a few minutes. the chair squeezes your body and massages everywhere at the same time. i woke up at 4am on this chair and didn't know where i was. i felt like i was floating. it felt better than sleeping on a bed. what a great way to end a great night.... thanks again guys...

**also wanted to say thank you very much to the kimura family and everybody at the yanmari factory. the shirasu you sent yesterday was awesome. i must have ate half of it already. the best shirasu in japan. if you haven't tried it yet, you don't know what your missing out... check it out by CLICKING HERE....


  • 2007.08.14 Tuesday
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  • by スポンサードリンク

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