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  • 2007.08.14 Tuesday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


Fresh Shikoku Air....

good evening. the new site is up and we're working on the fine tuning it. this is the scoops, the english page is gone so you have to learn japanese. haha... just joking. if you want to see a page in english, look for the english button in the webpage you check out. some have it and some don't. most of the interviews and some of the blogs are in both english and japanese so check it out. we did away with the english main page so that you can go exploring in the japanese site and check out things that wern't on the english page before. sorry if this is confusing because i'm not trying to confuse the confused. what? now, i'm confused... anyway, just have fun and every thing will be alright... i just got out of the water here in shikoku. the waves were super fun. perfect overhead faces with some perfect barrels. getting barreled twice on a wave today was normal. i'm surfed out already. i didn't want to take a photo of the waves and make all my friends jealous so i didn't. but let me tell you, it was pretty dam good....

anyway, it took me a while to get here. here's a little journal...

last week was a hectic week for us. wanted to thank naoka for working hard on the renewal of go-naminori. that boy has some skills man.... also wanted to thank ako for finding me a seat on the train at the busiest time of the year. thanks guys...

before i left shonan, i had a huge bowl of shirasu over rice. dam it was good.... thanks again k-san....

aren't the boxes for the shirasu so awesome? too hard to throw away. maybe i'll keep some of my secret things in here.... ummm....

left shonan at 7am. once on the shinkansen, it was relax time looking out at the city, country, city, and country on my way to osaka. gosh, i think there is some rubbish on my camera lens. i better clean it....

i missed the bus so i borrowed my friends 4 wheeler and rode it to shikoku... just joking....

arrived in shikoku at 9:45pm. it was a long day for me. wanted to thank yasan's friends for picking me up at tokushima station and letting me stay at such an awesome house. doomo arigato gozaimasu... photos from bob's contest coming tomorrow....


  • 2007.08.14 Tuesday
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  • by スポンサードリンク

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